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OUTDOOR FURNITURE Our outdoor furniture is built, designed and made for outdoors. Nevertheless, outdoor furniture can also suffer damage (such as mould or water edges) under the various weather influences such as sun, wind, fog, rain, hail, frost, ice and snow. Every material is influenced by the weather, even positively. For example wood - natural weathering creates a characteristic grey patina on the surface over time. If treated incorrectly, such as constantly exposed to moisture, even outdoor materials can form mould. Textile materials must be allowed to dry. Protection against rain, hail, etc. is provided by the protective covers They also must be removed regularly for drying, as condensation cannot be avoided due to temperature differences. The best protection in winter is a dry place, such as a garden shed or other dry areas where the furniture is protected. However, before storing it in a dry place, you should allow the furniture to dry through, clean it thoroughly and, if necessary, maintain it according to the material, so that you can use it next spring without any further care.


• Our furniture may and can get wet without any problems. Textile materials, however, must have the opportunity to dry.

• Do not leave wet parts on top of each other for a long time. This can lead to mildew stains or mold. Loose parts like cushions should be allowed to dry all around.

• Air our outdoor protective covers regularly

Bullfrog recommends using the specific protective cover that is offered for each outdoor model. It is the best way to protect your furniture from dirt and moisture.
Further Information to care and quality you will find in our general outdoor information.