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The most exclusive and individual cover for furniture is leather. Pure luxury. Natural leathers have an exceptional feel, are breathable and always unique. Leather is a natural product. It is robust and soft at the same time. It changes colour, even if only in nuances. Leather ages - with dignity. Patina needs courage and deserves respect.

Characteristics and special features:

1. Appearance with all visible natural characteristics of the cattle or water buffalo hide such as liver spots, tick bites, scars, hedge scratches, skin creases, abrasions, etc.

2. There are great differences in colour from skin to skin, from batch to batch and even within one skin. The reason is that each skin has a different structure and so the colour is taken up in different ways. This is especially true when the skin has scars or abrasions etc., which generally take on a darker colour than undamaged skin. These colour differences can occur within one sofa or seating arrangement. The delivered sofa can also show deviations from the exhibited piece.

3. New products have a matt finish, which develop a light, elegant shine with use (see exhibition piece).

4. Colour changes through the effects of light; both fading and darkening are possible (with vegetable-tanned leathers), depending on the type of tanning. Vegetable-tanned leathers basically have lower light fastness values than pigment coated leathers.

5. All these characteristics of the leather and its processing are signs of the originality of the product and make each sofa unique, covered with leather in its most natural appearance. Strict processing of all natural features. Except for skin-penetrating holes, everything is processed.