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Avoid direct sunlight and do not place your sofa directly in front of the heater or other similar heat sources. Cover materials like leather, fabric or micro fibre extend under high pressure. With increasing use, the cover of your sofa can get folds. These are typical characteristics and they are no reason for complaints. All of our furniture feet, which differ from model to model, are equipped with plastic- or felt glider. Please check if this protection is suitable for your floor. If you are not sure, you should contact a specialized trade in order to avoid damages. Polishing dust is normal for polished aluminium feet. This is material-related and cannot be avoided while using valuable and natural materials. To be on the safe side, please check the protection needs that are necessary for your floor.

Casual upholstery with folds:

Our sofas are made with a particular intented casual upholstery. It is a softer way of upholstery than the conventional tight upholstery. It ensures a cosy and soft sitting comfort. Folds on seat, back and armrests is not a quality defect, it is the intended look and feel. Loose seat and back cushions must be well shaken up bevor using them the first time and then regularly after use. To smoothen the surfaces after use the seat and back cushions should be smoothed, knocked and shaken. In case of fixed upholstered mats, the care is particularly important. When first used, our down in the seat mats can still crackle a little. This disappears rather quickly.


To keep the upholstery free of dust and fluffs we advise to hover it with the upholstery nozzle on lowest level once a month. EN We recommend the Bullfrog textile cleaner for cleaning our textile covers. Our leather is also best cleaned and maintained with Bullfrog products. You can find exact instructions, as well as the corresponding products and source of supply, at The use of the furniture can lead to visual changes after a short time. This is a completely normal process that all upholstered furniture go through. Lifetime or use are not affected.


New products have an inherent smell. Leather in particular has a very distinctive smell that is typical of the product and it usually lasts for a long time, but loses intensity over time.

Information to care and quality can be found in our general outdoor information. This comes along in printed form in the product pass and can be found here in the latest version.