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Bei der Verarbeitung von Polsterstoffen sind leichte Farbabweichungen im Stoff, geringe optische oder haptische Unterschiede in den verwendeten Materialien üblich und gehören zum Charakter eines Polstermöbels. Im Gebrauch verändert sich die Florage, Sitzspiegel können auftreten und Gebrauchsspuren sind die Regel.

To protect upholstery fabrics, the following points should be observed:

Some clothing fabrics such as jeans are not colourfast and may rub off.

Pointed objects such as jewellery, zips or rivets on trousers can snag and pull threads. Velcro fasteners or animal claws can also cause looping.

Synthetic fibers should be wiped with a clean, damp cotton cloth about every four weeks. Natural fiber fabrics absorb moisture on their own if the room humidity is sufficient. However, if the room humidity is too low, the fabric should also be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth. Otherwise, the fibers lose strength and fabric damage may occur. In the case of synthetic cover fabrics, dryness leads to electrostatic charging. This promotes the attraction of dirt and the formation of pilling. In the case of velour, regular moisture supply can counteract the formation of pilling.

We cannot accept liability for upholstery fabrics that are not from the Bullfrog collection.


Our offered fabrics of the brand Q2 and Charmelle are upholstery fabrics of the company Rohleder.

These fabrics are characterized by the following properties: Produced without chemical additives. Skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers. Outstanding durability. High abrasion resistance. Washable and easy to clean. MADE IN GERMANY. 5 year warranty on all usage and care properties in private living areas.


Characteristics of upholstery fabrics:

Light fastness

Light fastness refers to the resistance of a cover to the effects of light (especially sunshine, daylight, halogen lighting). Discolouration of the material under the influence of light cannot be prevented in upholstery fabrics. Curtains or blinds can be used to protect against this natural change caused by light. Fabrics and upholstery materials can show colour deviations in the areas exposed to light after only a few weeks if the light is too strong. This has no effect on use or durability


Upholstery fabrics can become rough on the surface during use and form small pills. These are caused by friction because loose fibres of the cover or clothing swirl on the surface. The finer and higher quality the yarn, the more prone it is to pilling. They can usually be removed quite easily with a special pilling shaver

Rub resistance

Rub resistance describes the resistance of a sofa fabric to abrasion. The abrasion resistance plays a very important role in the durability of a fabric. The higher the number, the more abrasion resistant is the fabric.